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Drain Cleaning

Whether your clogged drain is a result of built-up hair, food grease, or some other form of waste, the consequences are the same: compromised pipe integrity and unsanitary plumbing conditions.

Residential Plumbing Services

As master plumbers, our job when you bring us in to fix an issue is to identify where the problem is coming from first and foremost. After the source of your particular problem is resolved, we’ll work out weak points and potential hazards for the same problem throughout the rest of your home.


Rooter & Drain Services offers trenchless water and sewer line installation and repair. This service can be done in your home’s yard or business, including under driveways, sidewalks and more. New pipes without digging!


Rain, Sleet or Snow,Your Drains Will Always Flow!m

Chicago Drain Cleaning Services


Drain Cleaning

Slow drains should be addressed quickly. If left alone, a clogged drain can cause pipe damage and leaks resulting in costly repairs.


However, before you reach for the nearest liquid cleaner, consider calling a professional plumber for drain cleaning in Denver, and the surrounding areas. Home plumbing products actually do more harm than good. They are corrosive to drain lines, eventually leading to major pipe damage and repair.


Our experienced drain cleaning specialists can accurately diagnose the cause of slow drains and use proper equipment to clear the clog restoring flow to your drains.


Kitchen Drain Clogs


Fats, oils, and grease are the most common causes of backed up kitchen drains. Over time, buildup sticks to the insides of the drain lines slowly closing off the pipe. While a professional snaking can often clear a kitchen line, hydro jetting is the most effective method of cleaning years of grease buildup.


Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to scour the inside of the line. It will clean years of buildup from the line, remove odors, and provide a long lasting solution.


For kitchen lines with disposals, food particles or fibrous materials enter the line leading to clogs. A snake will clear the line, and homeowners can avoid future backups by using disposals sparingly.

To keep kitchen lines clear and in good working condition, we recommend wiping down plates, pots, and pans before rinsing in the sink. This will also help with foul odors by eliminating organic materials form remaining in the drain.

Homeowners can also use a liquid degreasing soap once a month and run hot water in the line to keep it fresh and clean.


Lavatory, Shower, and Tub Clogs


Soap products, oils, conditioners, and hair can cause clogs in tubs, showers, and sinks in the bathroom. Over time, buildup and hair can cause excess pressure buildup in pipes eventually leading to leaks. Avoid hair buildup by installing a mesh strainer in shower and tub drains, and hire a professional plumber to accurately diagnose and unclog the drain.

Items falling into sink drains can also cause blockages. Toothpaste caps, hair accessories, and priceless jewelry are the most common items found on bathroom vanities. Homeowners can prevent items falling into the sink by ensuring there is a pop-up assembly in place.If a priceless heirloom has fallen into the bathroom sink, stop using the water immediately and call . Our team can help to retrieve the item if it is still in the drain trap.


Toilet Clogs and Main Sewer Line Backups


For simple toilet clogs, a professional auger is the best method to clear the line. Avoid using plungers, as improper use and force can cause broken seals and leaks.If multiple drains are running slow, the toilet is bubbling, or there is leaking at the toilet base, it is indicative of a main sewer line clog. Rooter & Drain Services  will use professional main line snaking equipment to clear common clogs through a ground level cleanout, the roof vent, or through the toilet flange.If the line cannot be cleared by simple snaking, there are hard spots in the line, or the team pulls back roots, it could indicate a larger problem in the sewer line. A proper diagnosis requires performing a main sewer camera inspection.For heavy roots and build up, hydro jetting can thoroughly clean the line, removing roots and dissolving years of buildup. If a sewer camera inspection shows breaks, holes, or missing sections, the line may require a more comprehensive drain repair.


Our team will properly diagnose the cause of blockage and perform a professional repair to restore flow to your drains and protect your property.To learn more about how we can help with your drain cleaning in Denver, and the surrounding areas, Rooter & Drain Services at Call Now 720-261-1908 today for same day services!


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